Thursday, June 5, 2014

337-365/365: I am done

So yes.. I just looked at my last post where I said twenty days to go and counted the new things I have done since. I came to a grand total that was over twenty. So I think it safe to say that I managed to do the 365 days.

You won't believe how much I look forward to tonight and not to have to think about that I still manage to fit something new in. Yes at times it really felt more like a chore. But if you would ask me if I would do it again, I would say yes.

In general I did a lot more food/drink tasting than I had planned or actually wanted to do. I always tried to fit something exciting in, but some days I couldn't because I was sick, sometimes I couldn't because I was too busy with life and sometimes I just couldn't be arsed. Could I have done more exciting things? Yes, but I am happy with how the year turned out.

I tried many many new things and I think it has changed how I live my day to day life. I especially notice it when I go to the supermarket. Before the project I had a routine where I would pick from a pool of about 30-40 products. Now I often go for something I have never had, even if I already had something new for that day. I really got into trying new things. Sometimes they are not as good as I hoped but sometimes I discover a gem and I go back and get some more.

I also like to think that I had experiences that I wouldn't have had without this project. For instance I am not sure if I would have ever went to a F1 race if the project hadn't motivated me. But most of all, I am happy because I met so many nice people over the last year. Especially with all the Couchsurfing events I organized, I got to know so many new friends that I wouldn't want to miss.

As already written for past milestonest, I think I have gotten a lot more spontaneous. In the past, if offered something unknown I would hesitate, and if that happened, more often than not I wouldn't do / try it. Now I say "yes" a lot more. I think it makes my life richer. I still have couch potato tendency but a lot less so than before. Getting out of one's comfort zone every now and then is great but it is called the comfort zone for a reason. It's comfortable there.. sometimes you just want to be comfy.

Even if this adventure is over, I still have other projects to finish. Still a year to go for my masters and I am still hiking across Switzerland.. got a few miles to go there. I don't think I will get bored anytime soon. If that happens. I will start looking for a new project.. so maybe the blog is back on soon.. for now, I will let it rest...

Thank you all for taking the time to come here and share the experiences with me.

Signing out.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

336/365: Twenty Days left

Nothing exciting with twenty days to go.

I got a different variation of the green tea I had a few days ago and a salad that was labeled "new". Hey if they label it like that, how can I not count it towards my goal?

I liked the green tea but to be honest, I think the only difference is in the smell. It tasted exactly like the other one.

335/365; A Barrel Of Beer

This time the beer was not for me, neither did I taste it.

There is a little story behind this one.
One of our customers reported a problem in march 2013. After much blood and sweat we were still not able to solve it. Whenever I saw the ticket in my list I would cringe. Seriously, we tried everything. We even had external specialists come in for it.

Then about a month ago we hired a new guy in our ICT. He is a specialist in the field where we thought the problem originated from. We asked him to look into it. Soon afterwards he told me that he might have a solution. I was surprised but didn't rejoice yet. Many had thought they knew the solution and failed.

So I told him, if he really solved the problem, I would not get him a beer but a whole barrel... well, he solved the problem. I kept my promise and got him a barrel of beer. So that's how I came around to buy my first barrel of beer.

334/365: Beachcenter Bern


..I didn't play it. I just went to drink beer.
We went to the beachcenter here in Bern for a department event. Most of the department went earlier and actually played some volleyball. I stayed behind because somebody needed to babysit the telefon till the office hours ended.

Still the location is really cool. It is especially good for events like we had it. There are indoor and outdoor courts so you can go in any weather.

Monday, May 12, 2014

333/365: Batanun Knäcke


I bought some Knäcke (bread). I have no idea if there is a name for it in english and since this blogge probably only gets read by my mom, I am too lazy to look it up. Anyhow, first time I bought it. It was really good decision too because it was surprisingly tasty. It went really well with the salad I was having.

332/365: Kyoko Japanese Green Tea

This is my kind of green tea.

Chilled, unsweetened, just great. I saw this one for the first time this passed Monday so I went for it and I don't regret the decision.

331/365: Grizzlies Bern

The time of year without NFL is tough.

So to help me through that time I went to see a home game of the Bern Grizzlies. As it happens, they are really good this year. They are NR. 1 in standings after four games. Of course this was a very different experience to two games I saw at Wembley last autumn but it was still a fun experience. 

My guess is, there were about 120-150 people attending the game.